We are a family of brands. Think of us as a support system for cannabis brands and a trusted sign that wherever you see our name, you know you’ll be getting something good. 

If you’re new to cannabis, low dosage edibles or vapes are a great place to start. Check out our brands and see what looks right for you. 

Our hemp CBD Wreck Relief™ products are available online. THC products are currently available across California and Nevada. 

You can purchase our hemp CBD Wreck Relief™ products to be delivered directly to you. Unfortunately, our THC products are only available for purchase from licensed local dispensaries. Check with your local dispensary about their delivery options. 

Sort of. AUDACIOUS is a part of AUSA, which is a publicly traded company (AUSA:CNX and AUSAF:OTCQB). AUSA also owns ALPS and APIS, which are building the next generation of green grow houses across the world, both in cannabis and across all agriculture. We’re all about finding ways cannabis and the lessons we learn from it can positively impact the world.