Craft and skill combine in award-winning flower and extracts

For the aficionado with discerning taste, Tsunami’s team of world-class cultivators and extraction artists combine exotic strains with top-tier processes to deliver products unmatched in potency, consistency, quality, and flavor. Perfect for your head stash.  


High-quality cannabis provisions for your everyday life

Provisions’ line of products are distilled from high-quality extracts, free from undesirable contaminants, packed with long lasting flavors, and finished with a potent THC profile. Whether a first time consumer or a long time enthusiast, the Provisions line of vapes and hardware offer a reliable experience that is both safe and consumer friendly. 

Mr. Natural™

All-natural cannabis, grown the way it used to be


Founded by industry pioneer and military veteran Bob “Mr. Natural” Luciano, the Mr. Natural brand of cannabis products are hand crafted, the way nature intended. Informed by his experience as a veteran, he cultivates medical grade cannabis and advocates for the healing power of nature’s medicine and affordable access to those who need it most.


Innovative drinks to help you get and stay loose 

Formulated for the cannabis confident, the Loos drink is the most potent and functional beverage on the market, infused with added terpenes and nutraceuticals to compliment the THC and provide a new type of entourage effect.


The toughest name in CBD pain relief

As the official CBD of Professional Bull Riders, Audacious Wreck Relief is the toughest name in over the counter pain relief. Featuring a hefty 500mg of pure CBD and medical grade lidocaine or menthol, the AUDACIOUS Wreck Relief family of pain relief products is strong enough for Professional Bull Riders and for all your everyday aches, pains, and wrecks.